In the past year( year 2021), due the impact of the epidemic, almost export company in China is difficult. The sex toys industry is a special one, we faced a lot difficult, but as the USA and Europe sex toys market perform well, so we have a lot order make factory running well.

As a business people in the sex toys marketing, i believe you need choose a sex toys manufacture to be your backup to bring correct sex toys for your brand.

See the tips helpful to find our best sex toys factory/manufacture/supplier:

  1. Structural ability focus on sex toys

The structure of adult toys is very important, reasonable structure can make the sex toys design to achieve the most perfect usage, reasonable structure makes the sex toys quality stable, reasonable structure can reduce the cost of sex toys materials, reasonable structure is convenient for production and assembly; The structure of the sex toys is determined in the initial stage of product development. Once the mold is completed, the sex toys structure cannot be changed. How can you achieve a reasonable sex toys structure? Need an experienced adult toy structural engineer; Adult products are not the same as consumer electronics, so structural engineers of other products may not be able to get the structure of adult toys right.

vibrator factory from China structural engineers have 14 years of experience in adult products structure, can make your sex toys design into the most perfect adult toys;

  1. Stable supply chain supporting to adult sex toys

The adult toy itself may seem like a simple, but it uses a wide range of materials:

Silicone materials, hard plastic  materials, motors, circuit boards, batteries, wires, packaging materials, assembly materials, the lack of any one of the material sex toys can not be completed; In the year of 2021, we encountered the shortage of IC and silicone, and the price of silicone increased. In this case, without stable supply chain support, the delivery time of orders would be long, which may lead to your sex shop out of stocking.

vibrator factory from China is closely mutual support and cooperation relationship with suppliers, we only change supplier while their material have quality problem, we don’t bargain, don’t change suppliers, all our core material suppliers have more than 5 years cooperation relationship, so, in 2021 adult toy industrial faced with lack of IC, lack of silicone ,under the crisis of  vibrator factory from China of delivery time for all sex toys order control within 35 days as usual.

  1. Material safety on sex toys products

Adult toys is using on  body, the material safety of sex toys is most  important,  vibrator factory from China’s management believes that sex toys’ safety is the basic requirement of survival,  vibrator factory from China require suppliers to provide safe material, then, for each sex toys  in the development phase, will choose every material to the cooperation of testing institutions do chemical testing, ensure the safety of the material will be used in production.

4.  Quality Control Capability on vibrator sex toys

The quality stability of a sex toys is determined by three factors:

  1. A. Reasonable structure
  2. B. Material safety

C, quality management in the SEX TOYS production process,  vibrator factory from China will have two times 100% testing in the production process, to ensure that every SEX TOYS is functioning normally.

5, Production capacity for sex toys vibrator

Sex toys production is not a difficult work, a sex toys with reasonable structure is easier to production;   vibrator factory from China factory have skilled worker , so our order lead time is 25-45days. Almost of the PO’s can delivery in 35 days.

6, Communication Ability regarding erotic sex toys

To developing a new sex toys, need a lot of communication between clients and factory, a skilled sex toys factory sales person is very important, it will help clients easily understood to match all the requesting,  vibrator factory from China sales person have 14 years experience to communication in English with oversea clients. We can get your points correct to achieve our target.